Breckland Beira

Breckland Beira

Breckland Beira is based on the well-developed General Motors Kappa platform, on sale in the North American market.

Breckland Beira differs in many significant respects from the GM products however, the most radical departure being the installation of the potent, 6.0-litre, LS2 V8 engine, more commonly found in Corvette and Pontiac GTO models. It replaces the four-cylinder Ecotec engine and, by comparison, produces more than twice the power of the original unit.

"We didn't set out to reinvent the wheel with Beira," says Engineering Director, Mark Easton. "The Kappa platform offers a highly competent chassis, which has been subject to intensive crash and safety tests, and is readily available.

"Since all of the hard work has been done, it has enabled us to keep development costs low. Over the years, and through our own experience, we've seen many supercars come and go, due in part to their massive development costs, and we were adamant that we would not fall into the same trap. That's why we developed the Beira where we needed to, not for the sake of it. It has also enabled us to bring the project to fruition in less than 12 months.

Chassis :

Stopping Power : 325mm ventilated discs

Engine :

Type : 6.0-litre, LS2 V8 engine
Power bhp : 400bhp

Exterior :

Weight : 1,400kg

Performance :

Top Speed mph : 155mph

Fuel Efficiency Run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas as well as gas- capable of a range of some 700 miles between refuelling.

Base Price : $107,000


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