Bentley Continental Supersports (2010)

Bentley Continental Supersports (2010)

The Bentley Continental Supersports is the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever. It is the extreme Bentley, a muscular two-seater that delivers supercar performance and a highly focused driving experience. The Bentley Continental Supersports is also the first Bentley capable of running on both petrol (gasoline) and biofuel, pioneering the use of FlexFuel technology in the luxury sector. This represents stage one of the company's commitment to make its complete model range compatible with renewable fuels by 2012. Available worldwide from autumn 2009, the Bentley Continental Supersports will be FlexFuel compatible in the majority of markets from launch with North American cars offering the capability by summer 2010, following regulatory approval.

The Bentley Continental Supersports began as an 'under the radar' project exploring the possibilities of weight reduction on the Bentley Continental GT but with more power and torque. A largely experimental process crystallised over a period of 24 months into an official new car programme, driven by the passion and enthusiasm of a small group of Bentley engineers and designers. The results are dramatic. With 630PS (621 bhp) and new 'Quickshift' transmission that halves shift times, the Bentley Continental Supersports sets new performance benchmarks for Bentley. It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds) with a top speed of 204 mph (329 km/h).

Bentley Continental Supersports (2010) Specifications :

Chassis :

Brakes (Front) = 420 mm diameter carbon/ceramic cross-drilled
Brakes (Rear) = 356 mm diameter carbon/ceramic cross-drilled
Wheels = 20" x 9.5J 10-spoke – Black Chrome or Painted
Front Suspension = Four-link double wishbones, computer-controlled self-levelling air suspension, anti-roll bar.
Rear Suspension Trapezoidal multi-link, computer-controlled self-levelling air suspension, anti-roll bar

Drivetrain :

Layout = Front Engine, AWD
Transmission = ZF 6-speed ‘Quickshift’ automatic
Differential = Variable LSD
Final Drive Ratio = 3.524:1 front 3.528:1 rear

Engine :

Type: = Twin-Turbocharged Bentley W12
Displacement = 6.0 liters
Horsepower = 621 bhp/463 kW @ 6000 rpm
Torque = 800 Nm/590 lb ft @ 1700 rpm

Exterior :

Tires F-R = 275/35x20 Pirelli P-Zero UHP
Body Type = 2 Door, 2 Seat GT Coupe
Length = 4804 mm (189.1 inches)
Width = 2194 mm (86.4 inches)
Height = 1380 mm (54.3 inches)
Wheelbase = 2745 mm (108.07 inches)

Performance :

Top Speed = 204 mph (329 km/h)
0-60 mph = 3.7 seconds
0-100 mph = 8.9 seconds


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