Artega GT

Artega GT

The idea for developing the Artega GT can be considered the "dream order" for a highly motivated team: to develop an extraordinary sports car with entirely unique special accents quasi as calling card of the internationally successful electronics supplier paragon AG. The Artega concept was to establish a totally new brand, and the team's commission was short and to the point: driven by enthusiasm for sporty cars, demonstrate total competence for automotive development. A mission whose realisation called for what turned out to be four major development focus areas:

Design: Extraordinary Form Language

The renowned designer Henrik Fisker succeeded in creating proportions of 3950 x 1880 x 1180 mm (L,W,H) for the first time in this constellation and consequence, namely: broad, flat, and compact. A powerful and elegant front characterised by flowing lines, a low unique windowed greenhouse of a body in highly individual arched form and a classy curve as transition to the beefy rear end all lend the body its striking personal appearance. The uncramped interior surprises despite the vehicle's extremely compact design. Two adults not only have plenty of room, but there's also space for much more than just the most necessary luggage. Even a child's seat can be integrated if desired.

Technical specifications

Frame: Aluminium spaceframe
Rear module: tubular space frame made of high-strength steel
Body: carbon-fibre reinforced compound material
Dimensions (L x W x H): 3,950 mm x 1,880 mm x 1,180 mm
Kerb weight: approx. 1100 kg
Luggage compartment capacity: 300 litres (225 behind the seats, 75 in the front)
Engine: V6 direct-injection
Displacement: 3597 ccm
Transmission: six-speed direct-shift gearbox
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h: less than 5 s
Maximum speed: more than 270 km/h


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