Saturn Flextreme Concept

Saturn demonstrates that clean, practical transportation and stunning design can go hand-in-hand with the electric-drive Saturn Flextreme concept, introduced at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. Featuring General Motors' breakthrough E-Flex electric propulsion technology that provides up to 34 miles of all-electric, emissions-free range, as well as a sleek, monocab design, the Flextreme looks as clean as it drives.

E-Flex System reduces emissions, trips to the gas station :

The Saturn Flextreme concept is part of GM's ongoing commitment to develop vehicles that reduce emissions and the automobile's dependency on petroleum. Unlike conventional vehicles and gas-electric hybrids, GM's E-Flex System uses an electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery, to propel the Flextreme for up to 34 miles of all-electric and emissions-free range. The onboard engine creates additional electricity to extend the vehicle's driving range to a total of 444 miles (715 km).

GM has initiated production engineering for the E-Flex System. Production timing depends on continued advancement of key enabling technologies; specifically, the development of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

While the featured fuel in Saturn Flextreme concept is diesel, GM's E-Flex System has previously been shown in gasoline and hydrogen fuel cell concepts.


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