Mitsubishi RA Concept

The MITSUBISHI Concept-RA offers a unique interpretation of the sporty coupe. This two-seat pure coupe concept explores the transversely mounted, front engine packaging theme. Generous helpings of technology create a vehicle that combines exotic appeal, outstanding, fun-to-drive dynamics and heightened sensitivity for the environment.

MITSUBISHI Concept-RA Specifications:

* Overall length (mm): 175 inches (4,445 mm)
* Overall width (mm): 74.6 inches (1,895 mm)
* Overall height (mm): 51.8 inches (1,315 mm)
* Wheelbase (mm): 103.7 inches (2,635 mm)
* F/R track (mm): 63.2 inches (1,605 mm)
* Occupants: 2
* Engine: 2.2-liter in-line four cylinder Clean Diesel
* Max. output: 201 hp (150 kW)
* Max torque.: 310 ft. lbs. (42.8 kg-m)
* Driveline: Full-time 4WD (S-AWC)
* Transmission: Twin Clutch SST
* Tires: 285/30R21


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